‘This is our story, this is our song’..

We are Agapé… which speaks of God’s unconditional love. So, ‘agapé’ is the place of love where God is real, and so are the people.

Our fellowship is an Anglo/French plus group. We are ‘non-religious’ as we know true faith is not discovered in religion, but in a real relationship with Jesus. He is a God of love, so we meet up to worship & praise Him in celebration & song.

This real love of Jesus is strong, He only wants the very best for each of us.
So, we do the same in caring, supporting, loving & praying for each other.

After we’ve met with Jesus, we always want more! The relationship grows through love, laughter and much more. So when we spend time together we let the ‘Spirit of Jesus’ rule.

It’s His meeting, His time with us, and we become His fellowship group….  Because ‘Many know the words, but few learn the song.’  G W North

If you’d like to learn more about us, call us or come over for a coffee & a chat.
We would love to meet you.